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Art ♫ Music ♫ Elite

The Good Graphics Community about Music
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Welcome to Art Music Elite!


once upon a time, _oluha_ and miss_skate noticed that they didn't know were to look to find icons about some of their favourite artists. they found many general music journals (too general), or communities about a single artists/group (too specific). but nothing like what they were looking for. so, they decided to create a community on their own!

art_music_elite is a graphic community where doesn't matter how good you are with making graphics. the important thing for us is to share graphics and create an archive for anyone who searches icons and graphic stuff about indipendent artists, old glories, musical newbies and all the good musical stuff. the more you're good at making graphics, the better! :D
joining the comm/posting access.

This community is moderated and it's by invitation only. This means that you have to apply for posting access. Please!Don't try to join the community without an invite, we want to see what kind of works you do!

>>>>APPLY HERE.<<<<


feel free to friend the community if you like what you see. you don't need to be a member of the community to see the posts.

♪ Don't be rude.
♪ Don't hotlink.
Credit the artist, not the community.
♪ If you take something, be sure to follow the rules of the maker.
♪ Do not take some of the artists' work and claim them as your own. this is called stealing.
♪ Posts that will go againts the rules and that will contain non authorized artists will be deleted.

how to post.

♪ write the name of the artists you did the graphics about in the TITLE.
♪ post a preview of 3 icons and/or the thumbnails of banners and wallpapers and put the rest under the cut.
♪ you can link back to your journal or post directly in the community, it's the same for us!



grey_room wanna affiliate?

Profile Codes >> tags. >> buttons. >> layout.