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art_music_elite is a graphic community where doesn't matter how good you are with making graphics. the important thing for us is to share graphics and create an archive for anyone who searches icons and graphic stuff about indipendent artists, old glories, musical newbies and all the good musical stuff. the more you're good at making graphics, the better! :D

This community is moderated and it's by invitation only. This means that you have to apply for posting access. Please!Don't try to join the community without an invite, we want to see what kind of works you do!

-Please read the rules before applying.
-Write a comment with 6 - 10 of your best icons/wallpapers/banners/blends and other graphics about the artists you'd like to post about in this community.
-Post the thumbnails of big graphics ( > 400x300pixels), please.
-You need to receive a YES from BOTH the mods. We will answer as soon as possible.
-In the object of your comment: "One of these mornings you're going to rise up singing", so we can be sure you read the rules.

go ahead and post! :D

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12 House (Promo pics) icons
1 House (promo pics) Friends Only BAnner
8 damien rice & lisa hannigan icons
2 damien rice banners/headers

3 jake gyllenhaal icons
4 jake gyllenhaal banners
10 john mayer icons
1 john mayer banner

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Daniele Silvestri

My first post here... it's quite exciting!!! *_*

Daniele Silvestri is a great (clever, funny, sexy... ok, tell me to stop! :D) Italian songwriter!

I made some icon, banner and gif about him:

Icon table INFO

At my Journal 7 icons, 26 banners and 9 gifs

° Please credit if you use.
° Please don't alter.
° Please don't hotlink.
° I'll be happy to read some comment! : ).

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